Why Not Water?

Hi everyone. Why do people think they need to have pain and exhaustion in order to believe they have efficiently worked out? It never ceases to amaze me how often this occurs. Why not water?

One of my friends, for instance, has been given a 12-week program to get back in shape. He has not exercised AT ALL for years. He has a gut he wants to lose as quickly as possible. Right… It took time to put on that extra weight, so it’ll take time to take it off and keep it off. That’s my opinion, though.

Guess what? Zumba was a recommended exercise. He tried it, and the first time he participated, he injured himself.

Another sedentary friend did the same thing. She was vigorously throwing her arm over her head like a monkey hanging from a tree and she hurt your shoulder. What a surprise…

Why would anyone recommend Zumba, a higher intensity form of exercise, as an introduction to getting in shape? (Unless they’re attempting to increase class enrollment.)

You need to start out slowly and gradually increase your time and intensity. You certainly do not want to start jumping around like a banchee in heat and expect not to get hurt. And, the kicker, the person who recommended it is considered a “professional”. That’s just stupid.

Why not turn to water? Water supports the majority of your body weight through its natural buoyancy properties. Your joints don’t take the beating they do on land. You move easier and more freely.

Water also provides a natural resistance that makes it easy to strengthen your muscles. Plus, since your body is not taking such a beating…you don’t get as tired as compared to using fitness equipment.

Since your entire body is working while you’re in the water, it also makes for a great cardiovascular exercise.

If your tkr is healed enough to allow exercise variation (and, yes, I know it will take TIME), turn to the water. If you cannot swim, take a variety of classes. There is even a water-based Tai Chi program out now. How cool is that?

Try it, you may like it.

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