Why It Is Important To Make Exercise A Priority..

Hi everyone! We probably all have days when we do not feel like exercising. It seems like a hassle, takes too much time, etc., etc., Here’s a piece of news that can make exercising seem less daunting….I believe it’s all based on aversive training.  Read more below to find out why it is important to make exercise a priority. You’re welcome…

Envision yourself in the hospital due to inactivity. That doesn’t seem like fun, does it? Picture yourself hooked up to a breathing device where you cannot talk, even if you wanted to.

Imagine yourself having one medical test after another, being poked with needles so many times you dread even seeing the medical professional.

Imagine yourself lacking so much energy, it takes everything to simply blink your eyes (it does happen..).

Picture an IV in your arm. Whether it is for nourishment or medication, this IV is playing an essential role in restoring/assisting your health.

Imagine having to urinate through a catheter for any reason associated with poor health or medical condition. This catheter needs to be changed, cleaned/sanitized, and reinserted. It’s an arduous, time-consuming process that takes a toll on anyone’s nerves and confidence.

Imagine yourself being put on a very restricted diet to bring your weight back in line. Weight gain is far too common when exercise does not play a key role in your lifestyle.

Or…picture yourself being given so many medications you cannot possibly start your day without popping pills.

How does all that sound? It’s very negative. That’s the purpose of this article. But, believe me. It does happen. Your body requires exercise to operate properly, and, it’s simply amazing to hear how many people believe exercise is too time consuming…or whatever the excuse. And, the longer you go without exercising to maintain your body in decent condition, the more situations negatively accumulate.

Of course, there will be a day or two when it is okay to just sit back and let your muscles recuperate from a previous workout. There is nothing harmful about taking small breaks.

Get out and exercise. Stop making excuses. Find an enjoyable way to do it. Choose from a number of activities to lower boredom levels.
* Do some isometrics while watching television. How easy is that??!! Just tighten your muscles. I have written about that in other posts on this site.

*Do gardening or another favorite passion that gets you moving..
* Take a gentle yoga class for mild, yet effective, stretching. Chair yoga is excellent for gentle moving.
* Lift some milk gallons filled with water, as a dumb bell alternative.
* Find a friend to exercise with, join a class, go to your local pool, buy an exercise video or Wii Fit (I think that’s what it’s called…).

The list of possibilities goes on.  No matter what the method is..

...EXERCISE. It’s fun!! This is especially true after having a total knee replacement..or tkr.

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