Wings Up 3-1 in Series

Yesterday’s game was not really much of a game.  The Detroit Red Wings were playing the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center in Chicago in Game 4 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals.  The game was broadcast on NBC.  Detroit pulverized Chicago, and rightly so.

What was frustrating to see was how the Chicago Blackhawks deteriorated before our eyes.  They started to exhibit their lack of experience and handling of frustration in the second period.  It was a shame to see.

The uncalled for behavior of a few of their players (not mentioning names) resulted in one time-wasting brawl after another.  It was like watching a bunch of spoiled kids throwing temper tantrums because they weren’t getting the toys they wanted.  Just not fun to see.

The series heads back to Detroit (at “The Joe”, Joe Louis Arena) on Wednesday, May 27.  I was predicting Detroit to win the series in 6, but after yesterday’s game….I hope it’s done in 5.  Let those kids see how a real hockey team wins a series championship at home.

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