Wishing For Changes in Hockey Announcing

No sooner was I going to write a blog post about being impressed with a NHL announcing team, then things changed. I thought it was great that there was a perfect blend between play-by-play announcing and color announcing. There was excellent, entertaining banter between the two. It was totally impressive. It was a joy to watch the games. I thought I had finally found the perfect NHL announcing duo. Who am I speaking of?

Randy Hahn and Drew Ramanez (may be spelled incorrectly). The San Jose Sharks were such fun to watch with those two providing their commentary. Hahn is superb with his play-by-play announcing. And Drew would add his touches to complete the picture. There was no talking endlessly while the game was being played. Then, the Sharks took four days off. Now….just as I was getting excited about watching the Sharks…

Last night’s game (Thursday, December 17) had the addition of a third color announcer. This person is the “on-ice announcer” who provides “needed insight” into the game. Bull. Yes, he is a wealth of information. Yes, he is well-spoken. However…HE TALKS DURING THE GAME. So, I’m back to listening to announcers talking as if the hockey game is a backdrop to them. It’s so disheartening, it’s hard to describe.

Can there be anything done to bring televised hockey back to the pure enjoyment of the sport and not some nonincessant verbiage? It’s tiring and frustrating to someone who just wants to enjoy a hockey game.

As another example, I started watching a women’s hockey game the other day on the NHL Network. The color announcer, I swear, did not shut up more than a few minutes the entire game. She was not talking about the game being played, either. Insight into the players? Yes. Insight into the sport of hockey? Yes. However, I didn’t learn anything about the actual game being played that day. That is a shame.

It has reached the point where I’m considering simply turning the sound off during televised games. That’s too bad, too, since I’m sure I’ll be missing some relevant insight into calls.

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