Words and How They Are Interpreted

Recently, I wrote an article (blog post) about how NHL Live! (broadcast on the NHL Network and XM/Sirius Radio) can be detrimental to one’s health. Well, it was written with sarcasm being the main voice. This post was picked up by a health site as being serious. It’s nice to know that someone is reading my blog, but…Go figure….

To set the record straight, NHL Live! with Don LaGreca and EJ “Reverend” Hradek is entertaining, informative, and may have you scrambling for napkins after the coffee spurts out of your mouth due to laughing.


1 thought on “Words and How They Are Interpreted”

  1. Hey, good stuff on NHL Live. As an avid listener of NHL Live, I hope all is well with Don LaGreca, he had to leave the show early today, and missed the last week and a half. I miss having EJ and Don on full time, they work so well together..and out of all season, this is the worst time to not have these guys around.

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