Writing Triggers…..

It is strange how and when something happens that will have you recalling a subject to write about. For instance, while still in the process of writing my book, I was at the store the other day. As I was browsing through some dresses, I came upon a mu mu. A mu mu is basically a large oversized dress that does not have any shape. It covers one’s body excellently.

Anyways, seeing that dress reminded me of the way I wore a mu mu for two years while in my body cast. In fact, it was the perfect cover-up for my body cast. And, I had totally forgotten about that dress until my browsing expedition.

As I came home from my shopping experience, I wrote an article about my body cast clothing. In turn, I started a folder titled ‘Clothing’ to put all the articles into. Hmm…

To think I blanked that subject area from my mind. Wonder why? 🙂 (sarcasm attempt at humor)

My mu mu was a beautiful pastel one with bright, colorful flowers. The material was silk-like, with chiffon long sleeves. It was very lovely considering why I was wearing it. The biggest benefit to it was the fact that it was easy on and off access.

Now that I’m thinking of my mu mu, thoughts of my oversized jeans come to mind. Writing triggers…

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